Electric Coffin

A creative think tank who builds culture through art and design.

Electric Coffin is an artist-powered design studio known best for creating surprising, often monumental aesthetic encounters. Dubbing itself a “super deluxe art machine,” Electric Coffin skillfully trades on the currencies of discarded materials, vernacular mythologies, and universal pop symbols. With backgrounds in painting and sculpture to fabrication and graphic design, they have worked on commercial projects ranging from full design build to specific installations monuments. Based in artistically fertile Seattle since 2010 Electric Coffin's curiosity and interests are far-ranging, stoking their desire to effectively narrow the gap between standard commercial mentalities and “art” sensibilities. They are known for their eccentric and witty style and have won numerous accolades and awards.

We get tons of compliments on the entire space, but especially the art piece. Lots of photos taken and posts on Instagram, yelp, Facebook, etc. Can’t thank you guys enough for what you all did for our store. It’s really taking our whole business to a new level.


Getting together a great collective of creatives and making kickass projects. The creatives at Electric Coffin are living that dream by putting their innovative craftsmanship and design passions to work with unique materials and form shaping for retail and arts brands alike.


“I appreciate that about those guys. Architects take themselves far too seriously. That’s not to say that we should drape the entire world in Electric Coffin—that wouldn’t work either, because then how do you judge it? But that’s why it’s so exciting. We’re starved for their work right now.”

JIM GRAHAM (Graham Baba Architects)

The artists at Electric Coffin are helping define Seattle’s Landscape