EC Weekly Inspo
Henrique Oliveira

At EC we want to continually inspire ourselves and others. We will be starting #ecweeklyinspo on all our social media outlets. All things that are inspiring us to open our eyes, flex the creative muscles, or stuff that just simply blows our minds. This week we bring you an amazing artist we stumbled upon while developing a concept for a client. Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira. "Twisted" is an entanglement of tree branches that appears to grow organically from the beams of Paris' Palais de Tokyo museum. The large installation was created from reclaimed tapumes - a plywood material traditionally used in Brazilian towns to construct the hoardings around construction sites. Oliveria collects the discarded tapumes from the streets of São Paulo, where he both lives and works. #ecweeklyinspo #electriccoffin #artfirst #rethinkreuse #installation

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What A Weekend
@ IDS West

We can't begin to tell you how inspirational this past week has been for our studio. IDS West in Vancouver was a whirlwind that spit us out dazed, but not confused. Upon arrival we were given the task by Gray Magazine to make nothing out of something and ended up making a lounge behind their massive stage out of left over newsprint packing paper (detail shot shown above). A couple highlights besides playing spin the wheel at Bambudda include; Meeting Chris McVoy (Steven Holl Architects) and diving into conversation regarding how buildings are experiences not objects and listening to one of our idols, Yukio Hashimoto, from Super Potato speak about designing atmosphere. Great weekend and EC is ready to hit the ground running with fresh eyes this week.

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Feature In Gray Magazine

We're proud to be featured in this months issue of Gray Magazine, "Design Rebels" for our recent design/build of the Mount Baker Kitchen. "An art-loving family hits the creativity jackpot with a kitchen remodel by the art-forward Seattle firm Electric Coffin."

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Facebook Concept
Positivity Wave

Several months ago we had the opportunity to pitch an art piece for Facebook's new Seattle HQ. After reading through FB's ideal concepts we spent the majority of our Wednesday dissecting how to approach the project and throwing ideas up on the wall. At Electric Coffin we like to think of ourselves as creative problem solvers first and foremost. Each client comes to us with an issue that needs to be filtered through a fine art lens and spit out into something that resonates. I think there are three important elements that we always apply to our ideas. (in this order) Are we all dying to make this idea come to life? Is it pushing us to do something we've never done before? Will it engage the intended audience in the right way? For Facebook we cued in on their ability to making things come to life and upbeat positive outlook, which is very important to them. This temporary piece is the analog version of a three dimensional “sound wave” sculpture that will be installed permanently in 2017. The design was initially created by recording a positive phrase about the future and mapping out the decibel levels. That sound wave was then depicted with collage, spray paint and string, speaking to the ethereal quality of the digital world. Look forward to showing you the final piece next year!

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Studio Experiment

We wanted to share a recent study within our studio. We are obsessed with trophies and totems, always have been. The significants and role trophies play within our culture and how we can rework the concept. One day it would be rad to create this on a massive 'real life' scale...just throwing it out there.

Approaching Clients
Rocket Man

We wanted to share an eye opening experience from a project we just wrapped up for Oasis Bubble Tea. After our first meeting with I-Muin (owner) we knew his goal was to create an art piece that would bring people inside and off the street. After our studio's round table we came up with several ideas to pitch, but left out our favorite concept because it exceeded his initial price range. After much back and forth within the studio we decided to pitch the idea anyways. As a result the client couldn't stop thinking about that one crazy concept and he eventually decided the only way to do it right was to go a little bigger. Through this process I think we learned two valuable lessons. Always give your client options even if they don't specifically ask for them and never forget that clients are coming to us for our thoughts and advice. So why hold back ideas we feel strongly about in order to please what we "think" the client might want. You never know, they might just surprise you.

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Go Bold
Learning From Trove

Last year our good friends at Trove in Seattle hired us to design their entire restaurant space. If you ever have time to visit while in Seattle you won't be sorry, the food is amazing! One of the crucial, but somewhat risky, design moves throughout the space was to dip the entire ceiling in bold red paint. Everything was painted red. The ventilation ducts all the way down to actual art pieces hanging on the wall, making it look as though someone literally dipped the top of the building in bright red paint. Side note: Our inspiration came from a line in the movie "The Big Lebowski" when he says, "that rug really ties the room together." For Trove it was the red ceiling that really tied their space together. Reflecting back on the project now, we view those design risks as necessity in order to push the mold. If you feel strongly about something don't be afraid to pitch your crazy ideas.

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Some Thoughts
On Seattle's Growth

As you drive through our home base of Seattle you cant help but notice all the construction and change taking place. Over the past year it has been a constant topic of conversation. There are always positive and negative aspects of change and sometimes it feels like the negative outweigh the positive, but its all how you look at it. Cup half full or cup half empty. At Electric Coffin we see each new sky scraper, construction site, or hotel as a blank canvas just waiting to be injected with life. Lets keep Seattle weird, stay true to the roots of our history, and keep progressing towards an optimistic future! That's my uplifting pep talk for the day.

Seahawks Video
With Shep Films

Inspired by the epic play and big personalities of the Seattle Seahawks, Monster Versus Seahawks channels vintage Japanese Kaiju films, but with more PNW vibes. When the city of Seattle falls under attack by giant mutated beasts, who better to save the day than the Hawks? Looking forward to this 2017 season! We had a blast working with Shep films and can't wait to see it on the stadium big screen.

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IMG_2407 copy
New Studio
Georgetown Seattle

We have officially moved into an amazing new space. We are also open for studio visits so feel free to drop in or set up a tour. Email [email protected] ahead of time.

Employee No 1
Taylor Reed

Say hello to Taylor our first full time employee. Along with a design and production background he also makes a mean grilled cheese.

IMG_1671 2
We Made The News

Super excited to be featured on the front page of the Seattle Times for our recent public installation with Value Village. Check out our earth day installation in West Seattle bringing light to the waste cased by the fast fashion clothing industry. #rethinkreuse Also big thanks to the creative people at Edelman for bringing us along to help tell this story.

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