The classic card board box is synonymous with Amazon, it is the indication and the hand shake of the brand waiting on your doorstep. It has come to mean good things as you arrive and see the smile waiting for you and the treasure inside. The box is a symbol of shopping in your PJs and spending more time with family and friends. The box represents the systems of efficiency Amazon has achieved through their seemingly magical distribution web. By meticulously crafting the boxes from PNW cedar and brand them it elevates the most simple cardboard shipping vessel and puts it on a pedestal. This we felt is very similar to the way Amazon has created technology efficiencies to even the most basic systems. The outcome is a gleaming warm wall of possibility and warmth, speaking to the magic of Amazon and whats inside. The final component was the addition of Augmented Reality. This not only speaks to the technology company that Amazon is founded upon but will bring the boxes to life in an unexpected and subtle way.