Dynasty Room is an experiential pop-up gallery and speakeasy, celebrating eastern culture and the tradition of the neighborhood through art, design and a refined beverage program. Ultimately the Dynasty Room will illustrate a new way to maintain the distinct spirit of the neighborhood amidst Seattle’s rapid growth and development. In collaboration with Board & Vellum our goal was to create innovative ways of blending iconic eastern tradition with modern approaches to design and culture. Dynasty Room focused on the visitor’s experience with a pop-up space centered on distinctive artwork. Guests arrive to a custom mural of Seattle landmarks intermixed with owner (I-Muin Liu) favorite icons from the International District. Ambient sounds and subtle fog lure visitors further into the space, where a multifaceted, custom-built shou sugi ban wall gives way to the Wolf Temple. The one-of-a-kind ten-foot-tall wolf sculpture lives inside the space and is constructed entirely out of cardboard with a pagoda perched atop its back. The wolf’s exterior is cladded in an Electric Coffin conceived print consisting of themed messaging and graphics. The secret bar, fully adorned in red tones and accents, incorporates a new banquette, custom wallpaper, screen printed table tops, and original ornamental accents. The bar’s most unique element is the two distinctly different vantage points from opposite ends of the space—from one end of the space, guests see a red glowing room representing the color of luck and joy in China; while from the other end, guests see the original dark woodwork representing old traditions and the history of the neighborhood. One wall features a large-scale art piece by Electric Coffin in which the team back printed a piece of glass with custom graphics and portrait of I-Miun Liu covered in gold foil that spills onto the wall. On another wall, visitors will find an antique Chinese wood carving from the original restaurant. To further elevate the Dynasty Room experience, the team created a gift shop full of pieces sourced from the International District and customized by Electric Coffin such as Wolf Temple figures, nunchucks, dragon heads and karate magazines. The result is a unique pop-up craft cocktail bar and community gathering space with hopes of revitalizing the evolving historical neighborhood. The Dynasty Room pop-up officially opened to the public on April 1st and will remain open until new construction begins in two years. In collaboration with Board & Vellum.