Featured on AZURE | Upon arriving at IDS Vancouver 2017, attendees encountered TreeHouse at the entrance of the show. TreeHouse is an exploration of man-made material and natural form becoming one. Tracing the permutation from one state to the next, the 62 ft. piece moves from human order to natural order. Visitors will begin by wandering through the front door of a house made from 3Form material. A lit path seamlessly transforms the piece into an organic, tree-like shape made from cardboard. The passage serves as a portal to explore and contemplate. We invite you to fully immerse yourself in the path, connecting themes of materiality and exploration to the greater design fair. The installation is completely free standing. Custom assembly connectors were created by laser cutting cardboard fasteners. This not only keeps the entire piece structurally secure but also uses only one material. The undulating piece grows from 8ft to12ft hight and includes an interior bench for your relaxation, as well as a custom lighting feature from LightArt. (8ft Casper Beam). Also, take a moment to watch the making of video for 'TreeHouse' shown below.