A mysteriously marked black door appears in Seattle, attached to a building side in Capitol Hill. The door is surrounded by a dimensional portal extruding from the wall will be playing ambient sounds created by Odesza as well as lights leading you into the door. There is an icosahedron shaped peephole in the door and when peered into, we see a warm hued scene of an idyllic beach sunset which then morphs into a cooler earthrise view from the moon’s surface. Light to dark, signaling a transition theme found in the new album. It repeats, like night to day. Each time the scene transitions into darkness, we see this message: “Embrace the light and the dark amomentapart.com/portal.” The soon to be released single ‘Higher Ground’ will play on loop from a directional dome speaker overhead. Amomentapart.com/portal is where the journey continues on mobile and desktop. A 360° ico experience for ‘Higher Ground’ will allow fans to delve into the portal further, exploring through their phone around the inside of an icosahedron space. Finally, the journey will culminate at Bumbershoot in September with the physical door reappearing, leading to a special fan experience.