This piece contains a 12 ft tall howling wolf with a temple on its back built entirely from cardboard. As well as a shelf positioned across from the piece containing an assortment of narrative driven trophies built and shaped from an assortment of materials. The piece also incorporates an audio composition blending tuvan throat singing, gregorian chant, irish drum, balinese gongs, turkish saz, as well as the sounds of a howling wolf pack slowed way down and a rainy valley to give it a sense of environment. The concept behind Wolf Temple begins with the transition in society towards material goods and wealth. In the past, there was an emphasis on the internal journey toward some kind of enlightenment. We chose to create a ubiquitous temple to represent this idea of a pursuit for higher knowledge and the wolf to symbolize absolute freedom. These symbols have been offered to us through pop culture and narratives from your youth, as a far away place that sits in contemplation reaching a moment of now, void of the concerns of past and future, free to wander in the present. We have created a kind of decadent decay creeping up the wolf temple; it appears as though it has been accosted by fire and graffiti, at closer inspection it is apparent that the decay is dripping velvet and text gesturing toward this ideal of the past falling into ruins. The piece also incorporates an audio composition by C Andrew Rohrmann (aka scntfc); blending human-made and natural sounds to provide a cadence for the wolf temple's progression through time.