SHORTY AWARD WINNER | Our client Edelman came to us with the task of engaging the masses through 3 public installations. The purpose of each was to shed light on the environmental impact of the clothing industry and showing people the small steps they can personally take to offset their clothing footprint. The campaign consisted of public installations in Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver where we created unique installations from used clothing. In Seattle for Earth Day we created an immersive installation where we suspended waste barrels 10ft in the air as clothing spilled out onto the beach. In Toronto we took over the billboards of Yonge-Dundas Square and shut off the large water fountain and rebuilding the 600 water jets out of clothing. Our installations reached an audience with whom our message resonated - users who engaged with the campaign were 36% more likely to have a high propensity to shop thrift vs. other people. We took that powerful message of reuse on the ground and put it on the air, with the campaign reaching over 800,000 video views, 175,000 social engagements and 340 million overall impressions. The movement even expanded into Savers' own stores, across the U.S., Savers' 22,000 employees helped kick off the 'I Give a Sh!rt' message by creating custom T-shirts and displays in stores. In fact, their enthusiasm for this effort was so powerful that Savers rolled out a new employee uniform program tied to 'I Give a Sh!rt' as a result. But what excited us most was the 2 million people who took part in I Give a Sh!rt and made their next new tee a thrifted one, helping save over 1 billion gallons of water - enough to fill more than 1,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. That's more than enough for use by every person in New York City - and Dallas, Texas - for a day. And enough to surpass our goals by 142%!